Indo Rama Synthetics(I) Ltd in Butibori, Nagpur undertakes water conservation measures as corporate initiative (2007)

The company minimizes wastage, reduces steam and water consumption, reuses condensate and recycles treated effluent as part of its efforts to conserve water

This presentation describes the efforts undertaken by Indo Rama Synthetics (I) Limited, Butibori, Nagpur, at water conservation. Indo Rama, India's second largest polyester manufacturer located at the sprawling Butibori hi-tech industrial complex near Nagpur, has been a consistent winner of awards for water conservation, environmental awareness and health and safety.

One of the few Indian companies to have received a green company certification from the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI), Indo Rama's 4R approach includes a large number of modifications in virtually all processes and includes:

  • Minimising wastage in desert coolers, fire hydrants, tanks, canteen, urinals and in the colony
  • Reducing steam and water consumption in the plant processes and the cooling tower
  • Reuse of condensate for flash steam requirements and of blow down water for gardening
  • Recycling of treated effluent, TEG boilout water, ACF backwash water, water from dewatering system and AHU's moisture
  • Recovery of condensate from air moisture, steam traps, air vents, soak pit sewage effluent, process effluent and spin finish.

Water is also recovered from the underground sewage network for reuse. An investment of Rs 9.36 million on these and related measures has yielded an annual savings of Rs 8.725 million, or in other words, a payback over just under 13 months.

Download the presentation from below for more details:


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