India disaster report- A document by National Institute of Disaster Management (2011)

Published by the National Institute of Disaster Management, Ministry of Home Affairs and being the first of its kind, the reports hopes to stimulate better collection of data and research that can identify gaps in the management of disasters and be helpful to deal with them in the future.

The report begins with a brief over view of disasters that took place in 2011. Being a country with unique geophysical setting and socio-economic condition, it is prone to many disasters that are both natural and human induced. Cyclonic storms, heavy rains, floods, landslides, earthquakes are some of the disasters that have been witnessed by the country. Inferences of such disasters have been reported only when the devastation has been on large scale. Such incidents’ happening in remote areas goes unnoticed because the local administration lacks the technical and human resources. This has also made the local communities to accept it as an integral part of their life, with varying degree of success to live with these disasters.

The report covers the details of the major disasters of year 2011 that has occurred in different states. It provides the detail of cause and occurrence of disaster, its impact on the population, response and relief measures taken post disaster and the way forward.

The report covers the following chapters:

  • Odisha floods
  • Sikkim earthquake
  • Karnataka drought
  • Sabarimala stampede
  • AMRI hospital fire
  • Road accidents
  • Cyclone thane
  • Lessons learnt

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