Inclusion of a component relating to rural drinking water in the special package for drought mitigation strategies in Bundelkhand region of Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh - PIB release

The Union Cabinet approved an Additional Central Assistance of Rs.200 crore to provide drinking water in Bundelkhand during 2011-12.

 This would be in addition to the other measures approved by the Cabinet on 19th November, 2009 under the special package for implementing drought mitigation strategies in Bundelkhand.

The Additional Central Assistance of Rs.200 crore approved by the Cabinet will enable the states to better address the problem of drinking water during the summer months. The package as a whole will enable the people in the region to optimize water resources through rainwater harvesting and proper utilization of the river systems along with promoting diversified agriculture so as to enhance their capacity to cope with the recurrent droughts in a more resilient manner.

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