Importance of groundwater – A presentation by ACWADAM
Used, overused and abused: understanding the importance of groundwater
Groundwater drops to alarming levels. Artist: KN Balraj

This presentation by ACWADAM deals with the importance of groundwater. It is well-known fact that groundwater forms a very crucial source of water supply in the national scenario on water resources today. And yet, it continues to remain a resource that is both abused and misused. Often, watershed projects suffer from insufficient inputs, especially hydrogeological to address the problem(s) of groundwater within the watersheds.

All watershed programmes ought to therefore include a study on the groundwater balance and the changes occurring in this groundwater balance within each watershed. Such studies will provide an opportunity to develop a good database on the hydrological and hydrogeological aspects from within watersheds. Data on groundwater, at the microwatershed scale, will enable a better understanding of the problems of groundwater in many areas and will make policy decisions on groundwater easier and more practical to implement.

Moreover these databases, in turn, can be used to streamline the watershed movement, which then will evolve into a platform to formulate better water management practices all over the country – a practical alternative to the rather generalized approach to groundwater management practice and policy.

The presentation outlines the global groundwater situation and cites consequences of groundwater overuse. India’s unique story of groundwater overuse is presented. ACWADAM’s efforts at fighting groundwater problems is discussed -

  • Research: To new levels, with possible experimentation of groundwater management models.
  • Training: Widening and deepening of “training” inputs.
  • Dissemination of research and education in groundwater to wider audiences.

This presentation is part of the training modules on planning, development and management of groundwater with special reference to watershed management programmes by ACWADAM. Please write to ACWADAM at for sourcing these presentations.


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