Implementation of National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme in West Bengal: A field report by the Right to Food Campaign

This report from the Right to Food Campaign traces the implementation of National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme (NREGS) in West Bengal and points to the failure of the State in guaranteeing basic entitlements. It asserts that West Bengal is way behind other States, in implementation of this scheme, as per the data on NREGS website.

It chronicles the efforts of Paschim Banga Jiban Jibika Suraksha Mancha (PBJJSM), a local civil society organization working on issues related to violation of NREGS. The group engaged itself in systematic struggles and advocacy starting right from the villages till the State level, to generate pressure on the administration, to look into peoples demands. Intensive campaign involving mass rallies, deputation and public hearings were conducted. 

It gives an account of the lack of political will and the lapses in implementation relating to both distribution and entry in job cards, denial of unemployment allowance, lack of worksite facilities, tampering of muster roll, thwarting of social audit processes, irregularities & delay in wages payment and gender bias. All this, notwithstanding the elaborate institutional systems created at various levels to monitor and review the programme. It presents cases of rights violation and enlists the demands raised by the people.

You can download the report from the Right to Food Campaign website here.

Post By: Amita Bhaduri