Impacts of groundwater contamination with fluoride and arsenic - Affliction severity, medical cost and wage loss in Indian villages

This document on the study conducted by IWMI on the Carewater site aimed at understanding the economic and social burden experienced by people afflicted with contamination of water due to higher percentages of fluoride and arsenic in the water. The objectives of the study were:

  • To map the severity of affliction
  • To estimate the medical costs incurred by the afflicted families in treating the diseases
  • To estimate the wage loss due to inability to work for affliction
  • To understand the awareness among the people about quality of water that causes Fluorosis and Arsenicosis

The study found that:

  • Affordability of safe drinking water was related to higher income level and the severity of fluorosis affliction was higher among low income levels
  • The cost incurred on medicines and the loss of wages had asignificantly debilitating impact on the affecetd families
  • As compared with Fluorosis, the skin afflictions of Arsenicosis had a greater social stigma and incurred higher costs on patients
  • It was found that both Fluoride and Arsenic contamination had a high cost on society and the study concluded that addressing the problem needed to get more attention from government agencies and society apart from individual awareness.

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Post By: Rama Mani