An illustrated collection of groundwater problems: A guide to a beginner in groundwater hydrology by CAREWATER
Understanding groundwater hydrology.

This report by CAREWATER has been prepared as part of a component on Groundwater Governance in Asia: Theory and Practice under the CGIAR Challenge Programme on Water and Food. The purpose of this collection is to guide a beginner to groundwater hydrology through the basic concepts in this subject. The problems begin with fundamentals of the subject and are followed by those which test the comprehensiveness of understanding. Most problems are illustrated and a real-world situation is related with the problem.

The collection is part numerical-based, part software based and goes beyond the problem developed here and uses them to gain further understanding of concepts. Most of the numerical problems have been adapted from exercises provided in textbooks. The references to the original problems have been provided along with the text here.

Further questions are added to some problems along with graphics and in some cases with change in numerical quantities. Solutions are provided to all problems in this collection. The problem set should be used in conjunction with a book on groundwater hydrology. The basic formulae and concepts that are necessary to solve the problems are referred to here. In that context, a knowledge of the numerical aspect of this subject and application of theory will enhance understanding and deepen interest in groundwater studies.

The report covers the concepts of water balance, hydraulic head, Darcy’s law, heterogeneity, aquifer interaction, specific yield, recharge and discharge and well drawdown. It also covers interpretation of head data and has computer exercises on homogenous and heterogeneous medium with reclining water table. Two dimensional flow with constant head boundary conditions is covered thereafter. Finally, the report covers instructions and links for softwares.

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