How to grow food on your roof ?: Video interview with Dr Vishwanath Kadur, an expert on terrace gardens

Do you crave for home grown, pesticide free, healthy greens on your plate? Does lack of land stop you from soiling your hands and farming your meals?

Read on and learn to grow food on your terrace itself !

Interview with Dr Vishwanath Kadur, a terrace garden expert ( Source of video: Getta India)

A terrace garden not only provides a wholesome, non toxic meal on your table but gives everyone in the metropolis their individual green peace space. Other advantages include reducing the overall heat absorption of buildings, decorative benefits, architectural benefits and even acting as a habitat for city weary birds and animals.

The roof does not require any out of the way treatment other than water proofing. Any vegetable can be grown: creepers, greens, limes and even the large banana tree. Your 1 sqm of terrace area can give you anywhere between 25 to 30 kg of vegetables in a year!

5 simple steps to a green terrace are:

  1. Take a simple pot or ‘gamla’
  2. Mix compost, red soil, coir peat (or sand) and vermicompost in equal quantities
  3. Place broken pot pieces at the bottom of the pot, covering the drainage hole and fill it up with the mixture
  4. Pour water and check the hole (No soil should be discharged, only water)
  5. Plant your sapling in the wet soil and watch the terrace come alive

So flex your green thumb, and plant some tomatoes, chillies and fresh coriander: Grow your food on your roof !