How does a rainbow form?
Here is a short video that explains the formation of a rainbow, the order of its colors, and where and how the rainbow appears.
1 Feb 2021

When a ray of sunlight passes through a prism, then a rainbow of seven colors is formed in the sky. This is also known as the deflation of light. A rainbow has seven colors -- violet, blue, sky, green, yellow, orange and red. The rainbow is often seen only during the rainy season. Whenever there is light shower along with sunshine, a rainbow appears, which is visible when we stand with our backs turned to the sun.

Sometimes, we see two rainbows appearing in the sky. When the droplets present at the same place come in contact with each other, it forms two rainbows. When the colored light from the first rainbow becomes white, it comes in contact with other drops simultaneously, thus scattering the light in different colors. However, these colors appear in reverse order.

Watch the video in Hindi here.

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