Hiware Bazar water balance sheet 2007: From scarcity to surplus

The story of how villagers of Hiware Bazaar in Maharashtra turned the water situation around in their villages from 'scarcity to surplus'

The work done by the villagers of Hiware Bazaar (Maharashtra) in transforming their village, through soil and water conservation works with Government / Panchayat funds is well known. In a period of five years with an annual rainfall of 400mm, the village has turned itself around completely, with over 25% of the village's 200 odd families, becoming millionaires and scores others 'reverse-migrating' from nearby towns/cities.

This map shows the various watershed interventions taken up in Hiware Bazar (Maharashtra) and the water balance sheet of the village as of 2007.

Hiware Bazar - Water balance sheet 2007



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