Heavy water plant in Kota, Rajasthan, makes effort to reduce its environmental footprint (2007)

Country's first indigenous heavy water plant, the Kota plant, takes several steps to reduce its environmental footprint in generating atomic energy

This presentation describes the efforts made by the Heavy Water Plant at Kota at environmental footprint reduction. The DAE's Kota plant for the production of heavy water for atomic energy generation has taken several steps to reduce its environmental footprint, all of which are particularly significant because it is the country's first indigenous heavy water plant.

The CFC based refrigeration unit used earlier has been replaced by a process that uses waste heat from effluent water to generate cold. Sewage treatment plants have been installed at the plant and in the residential colony and sewage effluent is being recycled for gardening uses. Several technical processes for reducing chemical use and recycling used chemicals such as Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S) and sour oil have been put in place.

Cooled effluent is now also being supplied to the nuclear industry in general as boiler feed, cooling tower blow down is being used for firefighting purposes and sealant water re-circulated for process feed requirements. Besides this, tree plantation drives and public awareness drives for water conservation are some other activities being undertaken.

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