Half full, half empty: The Bundelkhand water crisis
Half full, half empty: The Bundelkhand water crisis
31 Oct 2008

Water and Sanitation Perspective series from Water Aid India, disseminates issues and experiences in India's water and sanitation sector. It is an outcome of WaterAid India's programme and policy work. It analyses the root causes for such a scarcity of water during the five year drought in Bundelkhand. The idea is to stimulate thinking and action so that at least drinking water is available during drought. This paper learning from the present experience & Water Aid's partners serves as a situational analysis of the crisis and challenges of drinking water in Bundelkhand in the overall context of current drought spell. The paper focuses on giving the issue of drinking water utmost priority in the mainstream agenda of drought management. Access the full paper here:Half Full, Half Empty

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