Guidelines for repair, renovation and restoration of water bodies with external assistance and domestic support - Ministry of Water Resources (2009)

Documents that detail the 'repair, renovation and restoration of water bodies' scheme launched by the Ministry of Water Resources.

These two documents by the Government of India, Ministry of Water Resources (MoWR) provide information and details on the 'Repair, Renovation and Restoration (RRR) of Water Bodies' scheme that has been launched by the Ministry under the state sector, one with domestic budgetary support and the other with external assistance.

The scheme aims at:

  • Comprehensive improvement of selected tank systems including restoration.
  • Improvement of catchment areas of the tank.
  • Community participation and self-supporting systems for sustainable management for water bodies covered by the programme.
  • Ground Water Recharge.
  • Capacity Building of communities, user groups, standing committee for Panchayats and State Government/Central Government Agencies concerned with the planning, implementation and monitoring of the project.
  • Increase in storage capacity of water bodies.
  • Improvement in agriculture/horticulture productivity and increase in recharge of ground water in downstream areas of water bodies.
  • Environmental benefits through improved water use efficiency, irrigation benefits through restoration of water bodies, supplementation of the groundwater use and promotion of conjunctive use of surface and ground water.
  • Development of tourism, cultural activities
  • Increased availability of drinking water.

The documents go on to describe the details of the schemes and provide guidelines on the steps that need to be undertaken for planning and implementation of  projects under this scheme.

Download the documents:



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