Groundwater scenario of India - A report by Central Ground Water Board, Ministry of Water Resources (2009-10)

This document sheds light on the groundwater scenario of India

This document by Central Ground Water Board (CGWB) sheds light on ground water scenario of India for the year 2009-10. The major issues discussed in the document are categorised under three broad sections:

  1. Hydrogeological setup of the country
  2. Ground water level scenario
  3. Ground water resource availability and development status

The document has a collection of maps that provides information on depth of water level pre and post monsoon coupled with an exhaustive list of annexure giving intricate details of state wise distribution of ground water resources along with its monthly fluctuation and distribution.

The document in the beginning states that ground water behaviour is complicated due to diversified geological formation coupled with considerable “lithological and chornological variations”, “complex tectonic framework”, climatological dissimilarities and various hydrochemical conditions. It then goes on to elaborate the formation of rocks depending on different hydraulics of ground water i.e, porous formations and fissured formations.

The second section of the document engages with issues of monitoring ground water level, quality and temperature. The information on these three aspects serves as a base for various ground water development and management programmes. Further it carries details of level of ground water pre and post monsoon for year 2009. Maps drawing comparison between water level fluctuation with pre and post monsoon versus decadal mean for year 1999-2008 are also provided in this part of the document.

The final section draws attention on the status of the ground water resource for the entire country. It states that rainfall and other sources like canal seepage return flow from irrigation, seepage from water bodies and artificial recharge due to water conservation structures are the main sources of ground water resources. Details of ground water availability, its utilisation and stage of development for each state are also provided in this section of the document.

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