Groundwater and artificial recharge investigations, at the site of the Devi Rasa Boutique Hotel in Amer, Rajasthan - A report by Green Systems

The document is a proposal for setting up of a groundwater recharge system for the Devi Rasa Boutique Hotel near Jaipur.

The consultants,  Green Systems, have conducted an indepth study of various parameters which include hydro-geology and climatic conditions to come up with a set of proposals for the hotel. To come up with their suggestions the consultants also make use of technologies like remote sensing, GIS and Vertical Electrical Sounding (VES).

Objectives and scope of work

Beginning with a description of the project brief, the consultants go into the objectives and scope of work; the consultants were given the objective of assessing the ground water availability and prospects of developing it. Thus the scope of work included hydrogeological, physiographic and geomorphological study and study of the geophysical conditions, through the use of Vertical Electrical Sounding (VES) etc.

Geomorphic features

There is a description of the area's geomorphic features - the area has sandy plains, hills and inter-mountain valleys. The physiography and drainage is also explained. Using remote sensing and GIS study, the proposal evaluated groundwater resources in the area and helped map the region's structural pattern. These also help in understanding the link between surface and ground water. Satellite images and digital elevation model of the area are also provided.

Rainfall, climatic conditions, geology, hydro-geology

There is a complete chapter on the rainfall and climatic conditions of the area. The average annual rainfall of Jaipur city is around 503.25 mm. Tables and graphs provide information on the yearly variation in rainfall here. Another chapter deals with the geology and hydrogeology of the area. It is determined that the area has quaternary alluvium underlain with Delhi quartzites of Alwar super group. Here it is noted that groundwater is found in the shallow zone of quaternary sediment and also in the zone of weathering hard rocks. Depth of water table varies; in the east of the region it is between 20 m to 60 m bgl. A map of the depth to water level is also given.

Dynamic groundwater resources

A table on the dynamic groundwater resources in Jaipur district is provided in the chapter on groundwater resources. Also there are separate discussions on the hydrochemistry of the area and the findings of the Vertical Electrical Sounding (VES).

Water harvesting systems sites

The proposal provides a series of maps to indicate the best place for the construction of water harvesting systems. Also there are designs for the construction of these structures. Designs for gabion structures, wells etc are provided. It is important to note that the recommendations for recharge structures are based on the hourly computation runoff.


The report is an indication of the many aspects that have to be looked into before proposing a groundwater recharging system. This report will be of help to those who are interested in groundwater recharge in general and for those interested in design and construction of these systems.

Download the report here:


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