Green islands amongst Mumbai’s brick and mortar: A video about some amazing work done by local citizens in setting up community gardens within the city

Source of video: Urban Leaves

Lush green spaces thrive in the heart of Mumbai, thanks to a green initiative ‘ Urban Leaves’ that provides information and knowledge to the local community to reconnect with nature. Individuals, friends and families – all eager learners pledge their time and energy, come soil their hands and grow organic greens together.

These city farmers practise natural eco organic farming making a nutrient rich soil, called ‘amrit mitti’. This plays the role of a catalyst in faster decomposition. Tall banana trees thrive on a mere 8-10 inches of this productive soil.

These urban gardens flourish both on direct land as well as on terraces and balconies, recycling the waste they produce. Local volunteers work on these green projects learning more about natural ecological agricultural processes, growing food that is local, healthy and safe.

The smell of the damp soil, the joy of watching seeds sprout and the sheer pleasure of walking through shady greens; all account for healthy eating and happy living !