Government allows closure of Sardar Sarovar dam gates

Sardar Sarovar dam (Source: Shahakshay, Wikipedia)
Sardar Sarovar dam (Source: Shahakshay, Wikipedia)

Centre gives permission to close Sardar Sarovar dam gates

The Narmada Control Authority has given permission to the Gujarat government to close the gates of Sardar Sarovar dam to store more water. Along with this, the states that are involved-- Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra and Rajasthan-- have been ordered to complete resettlement and rehabilitation (R&R) of the project affected families (PAF) and strictly comply with the Supreme Court order to complete all the formalities before July 31. With the closure of the gates, the state government will be able to increase the dam's storage capacity from 1.4 MAF (million acre feet) to 4.75 MAF which will be used for supplying water to Saurashtra and North Gujarat. 

NITI Ayog to rank states on efficient water management

With an aim to formulate a suitable strategy for better management of water resources, NITI Aayog has developed a Composite Water Management Index to assess and rank the states on efficient water management. The state's performance would be evaluated on the basis of 28 key indicators covering irrigation status, drinking water and other water-related sectors. The outcome-oriented index and ranking would be released by the beginning of the next year. 

Flash floods in Mizoram render hundreds homeless

The state is witnessing one of the biggest recorded flooding in Tlawng river in the last 50 years. Along with causing excessive damage to many districts across the state, the floods have completely submerged 350 houses and have claimed lives of nearly eight people. Not just Mizoram, the entire northeast is facing the flood fury. In Manipur, the rains have swept away hundreds of houses and the water levels in Nambul and Imphal rivers have crossed the danger mark. The embankments, however, have managed to save Imphal. 

Complete Gomti riverfront in three months: Government

The government has given a three-month deadline to the irrigation department to complete the Gomti riverfront project and also open the Gomti barrage road for commuters. Although the project is under probe due to the misutilisation of funds by the previous government, the delay in the project will cause further damage to the river's health. Therefore, the government is encouraging rational utilisation of funds available with various departments for the completion of the project in the next three months.

Delhi’s water bodies in a grim state

More than half of Delhi’s 1000 water bodies have vanished, thanks to garbage dumping or encroachment for infrastructure development. The situation is getting aggravated further by the falling water table and the interrupted flow of water channels. Many of the dried lakes have turned into playing fields for the locals and grazing grounds for cattle. The state environment department is now planning to revive the city's dying water bodies by planting trees which will also help recharge the depleting groundwater table. 

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