Flood situation improves in Bihar and West Bengal

Army engaged in rescue operations. (Photo by Pranab Kumar)
Army engaged in rescue operations. (Photo by Pranab Kumar)

Bihar floods: Fear of epidemic looms large

The recent flood in the state have taken 200 lives and affected nearly 1.5 crore people across 18 Bihar districts. Although the flood water has started receding, the fear of an epidemic has increased. To tackle the situation, medical facilities are being provided on a war-footing and the army personnel have been roped in for carrying out relief and rescue operations. Along with this, the flood situation in northern West Bengal has also improved except for Malda district where nearly five blocks are still inundated by the increasing water level of the Mahananda river. 

Stray dogs turn blue in Mumbai, thanks to industrial pollution

Following reports of stray dogs turning blue in the vicinity of an industrial unit in Taloja industrial area, the Maharashtra pollution control board (MPCB) has taken action against the violators. The firm, Ducol Organics & Colours Pvt Ltd, was releasing untreated chemicals into the Kasadi river that flows through an area with hundreds of factories and was also allowing the residual dye powder into the air, due to which stray dogs have turned blue. 

Groundwater levels show a sharp dip in TN

Nearly 87 percent of the wells monitored by the Central Groundwater Board (CGWB) in Tamil Nadu has recorded an average decadal decline in pre-monsoon water levels. Although such a dip is natural during the pre-monsoon time, experts feel the absence of a comprehensive policy in water management which has affected conservation. Also, the comparison of the decadal average between 2007 and 2016 indicates a decline in groundwater level in about 61 percent of wells.

Urban Mission Bhageeratha launched in Hyderabad

Urban Mission Bhageeratha, a drinking water supply project worth Rs 623 crore, has been launched in Hyderabad. The aim of the project is to meet the drinking water needs of 163 villages within the limits of the Outer Ring Road in the city. The civic authorities have also been asked to draw up a plan that can help provide clean drinking water for gated communities and middle-income households in all areas in the Outer Ring Road limits. 

Fish mortality reported at Dhanas and Sukhna lakes

Mass mortality of fish has been reported at both Dhanas and Sukhna lakes in Chandigarh. The reason attributed to this is the intense eutrophication of the lakes' waters leading to the growth of microcystins, which introduces toxins into the lake. Under the earlier court directions, actions have taken to stop sewage into Sukhna lake but authorities have failed to prevent draining of wastes into the Dhanas lake. 

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Post By: Swati Bansal