Film: Konkanchi Mega Vaat (Mega 'Vaat' in the Konkan)

Alphonso mango trees in Ratnagiri, Maharashtra
Alphonso mango trees in Ratnagiri, Maharashtra

24 power projects are being proposed in Ratnagiri and Sindhudurg districts in the Konkan region of Maharashtra, which has the second highest biodiversity in India. The 9900 megawatt (MW) nuclear power project at Jaitapur is also included in this list of projects. If sanctioned, it could be the largest nuclear power generating plant in the world.

No impact assessment reports have been submitted for many of these projects but there is already a visible environmental impact in the region - acid in village wells, dwindling aquatic life and lowered quality of the famous Alphonso mangoes. Despite this, there has been a complete lack of action from the government. The plants are not being shut down. 

This film, which took Kurush Canteenwala took two and a half years to make, has captured the stories of the people living in this region -  the mango farmer, the fisher folk and just ordinary citizens. Watch and learn why they are opposed to this dangerous plan.


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