Every drop that matters!

Jivrekha river, Akoladev (Source:Dilasa)
Jivrekha river, Akoladev (Source:Dilasa)

The people of the Marathwada region have been facing severe water crisis for more than three decades. Despite adverse circumstances, the Akoladev panchayat in the Jalna district has set an example for other panchayats by solving their water woes through community participation and effective water harvesting measures that suit their geographic terrain.

To improve water availability, Akoladev villagers approached the concerned government departments several times but due to lack of government funds, no water conservation work could be initiated.

In the absence of government funds, the desperate villagers contacted Dilasa, an NGO working in the water sector, for help. With the technical and financial assistance from Dilasa, the villagers constructed small water conservation structures that improved the water availability.

“We need different water sector solutions for various geographic locations. The problem is, the government want to implement the same set of solutions for every terrain,” says water expert Mansur Khorasi.

This short film “Every drop that matters!” provides an insight into the community level solutions that can be adopted to deal with water sector problems.


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