Even as Maharashtra faces acute water scarcity, a green, lush village in the heart of Marathawada stands water rich and drought proof- Roundup of the week’s news (February 18-24, 2013)

A green oasis amidst despair and drought hit Maharastra

Kadvanchi village in Jalna district, in the heart of the Marathawada region which is in the grip of the worst drought since Independence, stands drought proof with lush green vineyards, acres of maize and jowar, and millions of litres of water; simply by implementing rainwater harvesting projects. On the other hand in Beed district, a farmer digs 36 tubewells before finding sufficient groundwater. Other parts of Marathwadatoo are a zone of despair and wanting, where women beg for water on the roads.

Cauvery Water Disputes Tribunal award

As per the notification of the final award of the Cauvery Water Disputes Tribunal, the State government will lose supervisory control over the four Cauvery basin reservoirs. Karnataka will not be able to exercise the option to release water to Tamil Nadu only after it has sufficient storage in the reservoirs, particularly in the years of distress. The Centre notifed the final award  ending a six-year-long wait triggering celebrations in Tamil Nadu and protests in Karnataka. However the legal battle on the water sharing in court may continue as the Supreme Court is yet to decide on the fate of the petitions filed by Karnataka and Tamil Nadu against the final award.

MGNREGA creates employment, benefits women

Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act makes progress in providing employment opportunities to the rural population with women as the major beneficiaries of the scheme. An in depth exploration of the scheme in Andhra Pradesh reveals that the program is pro people.

Proposed Chinese dams, a concern to India

China's plan to build the dams over the Brahmaputra river and diverting water into its arid provinces is opposed by state governments in India's northeast. If the projects are carried out, they may have devastating consequences on the lives of millions of people living downstream, feel experts.

New world record in potato production through organic farming

A potato farmer, from Nalanda district, Bihar, has harvested 108.8 tonnes of potato per hectare and set a new world record in potato production. He could achieve this new milestone with the help of eco-friendly vermin-compost, poultry manure, organic manure and biozymes.