Europe's Rhine river inspires the Ganga revival

Ganga river at Varanasi (Source: India Water Portal Flickr Photos)
Ganga river at Varanasi (Source: India Water Portal Flickr Photos)

Ganga clean-up takes its inspiration from the Rhine river

India is planning to apply the success model of the Rhine river, which was one western Europe's most polluted rivers, to rejuvenate the Ganga. Officials from the Water Resources Ministry will soon visit Europe to understand how countries including Austria, Switzerland, Germany, France and the Netherlands through which the Rhine river flows, managed its river system. Also, the Ministry will learn how to maintain the ecological balance and overall development of a big river basin from Australia, and important solutions on the efficient use of water resources will be sought from Israel. 

Bihar, Karnataka, UP, Maharashtra most vulnerable to deficit monsoon: Report

Bihar, Karnataka, UP, Maharashtra, the four states which produce over one-third of the country's foodgrains, are most vulnerable to this year's deficit monsoon according to a report by Crisil Research. The deficit rains have also put to risk the production of five crops--jowar, soyabean, tur, maize and cotton. The report has stressed that government intervention is needed to reduce the vulnerability of the agriculture sector due to weather related fluctuations. 

Environment Ministry able to notify only 26 of the 526 eco-sensitive zones 

The Environment Ministry has been able to notify only 26 out of the 526 national parks and wildlife sanctuaries in the country as Ecologically Sensitive Zones (ESZ). Per Supreme Court guidelines, all states and Union Territories need to send notifications for declaration of ESZ, however, 452 proposals have been sent so far and mostly from Madhya Pradesh followed by Himachal Pradesh, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. The Ministry has blamed procedural complexities as the reason behind the delay in notifying. 

Rajasthan records highest number of environment crimes in 2014

With 2666 cases, Rajasthan has recorded the highest number of environment-related crimes in the country in 2014 followed by Uttar Pradesh with 1442 such crimes. Delhi recorded the seventh highest number in the list although it reported only 41 cases. None of the other Union Territories reported a single offence. In Delhi, most of the cases were related to encroachments on forest land. Along with this, excessive pruning of trees and wildlife crime is also rampant in the capital. 

No farmer suicides due to agriculture in 15 years, claims Odisha

Per the Odisha Government, no person in the state has committed suicide due to agricultural setbacks during the past 15 years. However, according to the National Crime Record Bureau 3602 people involved in farming have taken their lives since 1999. Moreover, former State Finance Minister has informed that such a statement from the State Government is nothing but a blatant lie.

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Post By: Swati Bansal