Environmental management efforts (2007) by JK Tyre's Kankroli plant (Rajasthan)

The company's environmental efforts include reduction in water consumption, adoption of clean processes, enhancing green belt and resource conservation

This presentation describes the efforts at environmental management at  JK  Tyres, Kankroli, plant. Environmental management at JK Tyre's Kankroli plant is seen in a holistic perspective that covers a spectrum of activities: discharge elimination, leakage elimination, air emission reduction, effluent discharge, adoption of clean processes, energy conservation, optimization of fuels and oils, recycling, recovery and reuse, process waste reduction, enhancing green belts and resource conservation.

As against a specific water consumption industry average of 8.4 cu m/tonne and a closest competitor figure of 4.8 cu m/tonne, the plant has achieved 3.04 cu m/tonne, which is significantly lower. One of the reasons is a series of process modifications that have allowed the company to dispense with several cooling towers and certain water intensive filtration and softening processes.

The company is also engaged in regular plantation activities at the rate of 6000 trees per year with an 85-90% survival rate. This is particularly good for an area that suffers from acute water shortage. JK have also developed in-house software for monitoring environmental impact parameters that might be of wider interest.

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