Environment flows - Continuing the discussion

Environment Flows are simple, yet devilishly difficult to achieve. Continuing the discussion on environment flows
As It Flows Cartoon
The Portal has earlier seen a debate on Environment Flows (the principle that we must leave some water in the rivers for the environment and ecosystem). Environment Flows ('EFlows' for the fashionable) is simultaneously a very simple idea and a devilishly complicated one. Simply because most people would agree with the basic idea, and complex because of how difficult it is to identify or agree upon what constitutes appropriate or optimum environment flows. Nevertheless, it will be unavoidable to grapple and come to terms with it, as we see how badly we are degrading the environment and flora and fauna by our activities, and as we all agree that that to a greater or lesser extent we must remedy the situation. Therefore if we can find common ground and broadly accepted methodologies it would be of great value. 
To restart this discussion it might be appropriate to refer back to some of the previous postings on this topic on India Water Portal:

                        The presentations and some film clips from the workshop are here

We would like to do a regular series of posts on different aspects of EFlows and different geographical areas in India where the debate is being played out for real on the ground.
We invite all those interested in the issue to participate actively. If you would like to do a blog posting on a particular aspect, we welcome it,
Please write to us at portal@arghyam.org
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