Enhancing livelihoods through diversion-based irrigation (DBI) in Odisha: An AJSA initiative

Courtesy: Anchalika Jana Seva Anusthan (AJSA), Odisha

Map of AJSA area of operation in Odisha

A map showing AJSA's area of operation in Odisha

To combat water scarcity and socio-economic deprivation through the effective use of water resources in Dudkarenga and Barbandha villages in Odisha, AJSA launched a Diversion Based Irrigation(DBI) initiative in kalahandi District of Odisha,to bring sustainable livelihood and address food security and climate justice in M.Rampur block of Kalahandi.

Now the DBI systems are providing irrigation to the earlier unirrigated area’s and has become the main source of livelihood to generation of people who have had land.  It is also providing wage employment to the landless also.

It is expected that each of the farmers taking irrigated agriculture would have at least an additional annual income of Rs.7000 from the scheme in the up-coming year. Now villagers are able to develop kitchen gardens, through the water provided to them near their homestead land’s and it also helping women’s to use water for their daily household works.

The scheme has now becomes inclusive by providing benefit to all families in some other way and builds the stake of the community for its operation and maintenance. After adoption of irrigation the tribal’s have been able to address their other needs of health and clothing to a large extent and their total perspective has changed.

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