Energy, environment and waste management - CSR initiatives of ITC Bhadrachalam, Andhra Pradesh

ITC Ltd PSPD Unit Bhadrachalam has recorded 88% growth in production since 1998-99 but the increase in fresh water intake is just 2%, which is a creditable achievement by any standard

This presentation describes the efforts undertaken by ITC Bhadrachalan at water conservation. The company has chosen energy management, environmental & waste management and social & farm forestry as major focus areas for CSR.

Specific processes include recycling/reuse of paper mill back water for dilution of bleached pulp and unbleached tower as well as for pulp slushing; of recausticising plant cooling and sealing water to clarifloculator; reduction in DM water consumption due to increase in process condensate recovery; arresting water piping leakages including fire hydrant piping by clamping; and recycling of paper machine primary clarifier outlet water for miscellaneous uses. Specific water consumption trends show a decrease from 183 cu m/tonne in 1997-'98 to 60.7 cu m/tonne in 2006-'07.

There has also been a 21% reduction in specific water discharge since 2003-'04. What is interesting is that as the company's commitment to water and energy conservation increases, it has become more and more willing to invest time and money in longer gestation modifications. Also of interest is the fact that ITC planted 3,00, 587 saplings in 20 minutes with 16,317 people in 16 villages covering 264 acres in Khammam District, Andhra Pradesh, surpassing the Guinness Book World Record held by Canada of 1,34,000 saplings planted in 1 hour with 23,000 people. The documentation has a lot of information on plantation and social forestry initiatives in addition to the operations related technical material.

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