EID Parry (India) Ltd in Pudukkottai, Tamil Nadu undertakes water Conservation efforts as a corporate initiative (2007)

This presentation describes the efforts undertaken by EID parry India Ltd, Pudukkottai, Tamil Nadu for water conservation. For a company that goes back more than two centuries, this sugar manufacturer is remarkably modern, with a fully automated plant and an equally modern conservation ethic.

Its virtuous cycle concept for sugar production ensures that all the byproducts of the operations are put to good use. This includes molasses for rectified spirit, absolute alcohol and the like, press mud from the mill, ash from the power plant and waste water and spent wash from the distillery for organic manure and bagasse to generate power.

Air cooled condensers to replace the cooling tower and a pneumatic ash handling system are among the water conservation measures of special interest. Total ground water consumption came down from 51,450 cu m in 2003-'04 to 10,600 in 2006-'07 as a result of these and other steps and specific waste water discharge has also been lowered.

In selecting and purchasing equipment, the company has gone to considerable lengths to study the international marketplace and look for more water and energy efficient technologies to supplement its own internal efforts at being environment friendly. Rainwater harvesting pits, plantation drives and awareness drives are among the other dimensions of this effort.

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Post By: Rama Mani