Effect of climate change on water resources - a preliminary consolidated report by Central Water Commission and the National Institute of Hydrology

On of the first official government report of quantitative assessment of effects of climate change on water resources availability

Climate change mapThis report on the Effect of Climate Change on Water Resources, prepared by the Central Water Commission and the National Institute of Hydrology, under the guidance of the Ministry of Water Resources in 2008, is one of the first official reports made available by the Government of India, of a reliable quantitative assessment based on field data, of the likely effect of climate change on the availability of water resources, i.e. on the glaciers and snow melt, on rainfall and their effect on run off into the river system and their contribution to ground water.

In the report, an attempt has been made to give a brief account of the available studies on possible impacts of climate change on India's water resources, change in India's water needs, climate of India, river basins of the country, present water resources and future demand and supply, impacts of projected climate change and variability, associated hydrological events and the likely vulnerability of regional water resources to climate change. Identification of key risks, research needs and prioritisation of mitigation strategies have also been discussed in the report.

The report is divided into the following chapters:

  1. Introduction
  2. Water Resources of India
  3. Global Scenario
  4. Initiatives Taken by MoWR, GoI
  5. Trends of Climate Change in India
  6. Basin-wise Impacts of Climate Change on Water Resources
  7. Adaptation Strategies
  8. Future Directions

Download the report from below:




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