Ecosan face-to-face training course on Capacity Building for Ecological Sanitation in India"

Image and Content Courtesy: Ecosan Services
Forwarded to the Portal by: Sreevidya Satish, Ecosan Services

Ecosan Services Foundation together with Seecon International and GTZ in cooperation with the IESNI Network is offering an improved and full-fledged training course in ecological sanitation in India.

The two-week ecosan training course follows a participatory cross-institutional and interdisciplinary approach. Participants gain thorough theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of ecosan. The course consists of two one-week modules, which will not only give an overview of ecosan, but also enables course participants to design, plan and implement their own ecological sanitation projects.

The next Ecosan training course will be held at the Hotel Orbett, Pune, Maharashtra. It will be conducted from 5th to 16th January 2009.The course will be offered at a subsidised price of Rs. 8000 for participants. The fee covers full boarding, accommodation, field trips, all tuition costs as well as handouts and materials for the course. Discounts for university students are available.

For more information please contact:

Ecosan Services Foundation, "Vishwa Chandra", 1002/42 Rajendra Nagar,
Pune , 411030, Maharashtra (INDIA)
Tel: +91 (0)20 64 000 736, Mobile (Sreevidya.satish) +91 (0)99603413333




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