The Economist debate series on water

The Economist debate series on water

The proposition is on the table "Water as a scarce resource should be priced according to its market value". The gloves are off and the words are flying hard and fast in this edition of The Economist debate series. With eminent debaters, expert guest participants and a chance for you to make a difference by posting a comment, voting in the final out come this an opportunity not to be taken lightly. Speaking for the pricing and handling of water as a scarce resource is Stephen J. Hoffmann, Managing Director, WaterTech Capital & co-founder, Palisades Water Index Associates. Holding out against the commodification of water and the ability to see it as an unique & pure source of life is Vandana Shiva, Director Research Foundation for Science, Technology & Natural Resource Policy.

Make sure you are heard & access the debate here: Debate Series : Water



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