Earth System: Interactions Part II – A presentation by ACWADAM
Understanding the inter-relations of the elements that make the earth system

This presentation by ACWADAM on earth system deals with the interactions between the four elements that make up this system. The complexity of the earth system, in which spatial and temporal variability exists on a range of scales, requires that an organized scientific approach be developed for addressing the complex, interdisciplinary problems that exist.

In the context of the earth's climate changing and vulnerable populations becoming increasingly threatened by natural hazards, the physical and chemical processes that take place on earth need to be studied in an interconnected manner. The presentation focuses on how human activity, interacts with the earth's systems. Changes in the atmosphere also affect the other spheres such as hydrosphere, cryosphere and biosphere. This is evident in how the increase of green house gases in the atmosphere, due to human activity, is warming the oceans and, therefore, melting sea ice at the poles.

In particular the presentation deals with the five processes that are taking place in the earths system – climatic, erosional, tectonic, ecological and life processes. It attempts to understand the dynamics of the landscape and resources and how they are the products of action of these processes through time.

This presentation is part of the training modules on planning, development and management of groundwater with special reference to watershed management programmes by ACWADAM. Please write to ACWADAM at for sourcing these presentations.


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