Drinking water quality course by Sehgal Foundation

Safe drinking water, for health (Image Source: Wikimedia Commons)
Safe drinking water, for health (Image Source: Wikimedia Commons)

Getting Started with Drinking Water Quality Testing (DWQT) course was organised by Sehgal Foundation, India in partnership with CAWST, Canada. A free six-week self-directed online course introduces the fundamental concepts of Drinking Water Quality Testing (DWQT) using portable water quality field test kits. It was designed to meet the needs of humanitarian or development workers or community health workers who may not have access to laboratory testing equipment or services.

The course guides through a series of interactive modules, quizzes, opportunities for questions and answers, and in some cases, live online demos and practice sessions. The modules activated one by one according to the course schedule. The course included weekly online Zoom sessions for review and questions. Participants completing all modules and course requirements receive a certificate of completion.

32 participants enrolled for the course across 6 different countries from Cambodia, India, Nepal, US, Kenya and Zambia. Each participant brings their own unique experience and expertise; make time to share and learn from each other. The course kick started on 16 th February 2022 and completed on Mar 30th , 2022.

Here are some snapshots from the live sessions:




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