Draft notification: "Regulatory Framework for Conservation of Wetlands", National Environment Policy (NEP), 2006

Recognizing the value of wetlands and taking cognizance of the fact that there does not yet exist a formal system for conservation and management and wise-use of wetlands, the National Environment Policy (NEP), 2006 seeks to set up a legally enforceable regulatory mechanism for identified valuable wetlands to prevent their degradation, enhance their conservation and wise-use by all the stakeholders. In pursuance of the policy resolution, a multi-disciplinary expert group was set up in the Ministry of Environment and Forests under the chairmanship of Secretary (E&F), which held a series of meetings to formulate a structure for regulatory framework for wetlands. After elaborate discussions on this issue, the Ministry has come up with a draft regulatory framework for conservation of wetlands. The draft framework enlists some of the activities which are prohibited and others which need to be regulated. Categorization of wetlands has also been proposed on the basis of significance of the functions performed and for determining the extent and level of regulation. The draft regulation also talks about central, state, district conservation committees, their functions and powers, enforcement of regulatory activities, etc. The time period allotted for posting comments on the Draft regulation has expired. The draft can however be accessed through the following link.

Download here:Draft Regulatory Framework for Wetlands Conservation

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