Dr. GD Agarwal's fast to resume

A press release on Dr. GD Agarwal's resuming his fast


  1. The state government of Uttarakhand promised immediate suspension of all works on the two projects Bhairoghati and Pala-Maneri in its letter of 19th June, 2008 and expressed its full commitment for conservation of River Bhagirathi in its natural form ‘from Gangotri to Uttarakashi’. However construction work on the projects (particularly on Pala Maneri project) leading to destroy Gangaji is going on in full swing. The above makes all assurances to us and to Maa Gangaji look as mere jokes.
  2. The Government of India committed immediate stoppage of all work on its project Loharinag-Pala in its letter on 19th February, 2009. But the construction work on the site has gone on un-stopped and on an accelerated speed. This again is an act of cruel deceipt.
  3. The Prime Minister ‘s office emphasized in its press release on 4th November,2008, that Ganga ji has a special place in the hearts and minds of all Indians and that the emotional link needs to be recognized and took initiative to notify Gangaji as the National River of India. Earlier to this, the prime minister expressed in presence of Param Pujniya Jagadguru Shankaracharya Swaroopa Nand ji that he regards Ganga ji as his mother and later stated to Param Pujniya Swami Tejomayanand ji that Ganga ji is the soul of India and assured his full commitment to conserve Ganga ji. But government system is showed the same disregard and totally ignored the holy emotions of the Prime minister as it had earlier done with emotions, plans and orders of Late Prime Minister Rajeev Gandhi. It is interesting to note that no official ever gets punished for this type of serious offense in the government system. How the super powerful the bureaeratic structure is!
  4. The order of Nani Tal High Court on 18th May,2009 gave clear directions to the Secretary in Ministry of Forest and Environment, Government of India in his capacity of Ex-Officio Member Secretary of National River Ganga Authority to either take a clear decision on the construction work of Lohari Nag Pala Project going on or to constitute an Expert Committee to advise on this matter within four weeks ( till 15th June ,2009) . But government machinery operates only under pressure of group interests, which this dose can not entail. What can the High Court or Gnagaji do? Why should they worry?
  5. I have been trying for the last four weeks to be able to communicate my message and the situation over Gangaji to the Prime Minister. I did receive on several times sympathy and assurances but finally with no success even in these efforts to communicate. Finding this environment full of false hoods, deceipts and controlled by petty materialistic vested interests, having no place for emotional cultural bonds and thus foreing one to mutely, watch the destruction of our national cultural identity that Gangaji is, to be totally unbearable, I have decided to resume my "Indefinite Fast Unto-Death" from Aug 5, 2009.

(Dr. G. D. Agrawal)
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