Down the borewell hole ! Unique video footage

Mr. P. Ganesh of Ayyappa Aqua Solutions has invented a technique of lowering a camera with a flashlight down a borewell hole in order to understand what is going on inside. (Mr. Ganesh specializes in hydrofracturing which is a process of using high pressure water to crumble rock and open up fissures in order to rejuvenate borewells that have gone dry). The resulting film is a fascinating journey down a borewell. It is important to note that this is a hard rock borewell (the geology of most of peninsular India). The edited video clipping here starts after the camera has already been lowered to some depth, and has crossed past the depth of the borewell casing. Note the portion at the end of the film where the camera is submerged inside the water.. S.Vishwanath of the Rainwater Club who unearthed the video and uploaded it to YouTube has the following commentary: "This camera work is thanks to Mr P Ganesh of Ayyappa Aqua Solutions . Here we see how fissures in hard rock discharge water into a bore-hole. Typically fissures are observed between 80 to 400 feet in this hard rock terrain. Yields of water are very less ranging from 1000 litres to 6000 litres per hour. Bore wells being in semi-arid parts of India, annual rainfall is also low ranging from 300 to 800 mm. Soil moisture is in deficit for 10 out of 12 months and approximately only 5 to 8% of rainfall migrates below 1 metre. Artificial recharge is one way to tackle the situation and increase groundwater. Managing and understanding available groundwater is crucial to India water security and future. We have seen such boreholes absorbing between 2000 to 15000 litres per hour. Rooftop rainwater can be lead after filteration to these boreholes to recharge aquifers." === More on hydrofracturing here:

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