Does it ever rain at this time? Poignant, short film capturing the story of the after-effects of unexpected heavy rain in Akola

Video Courtesy: Voice WOTR

While the world is divided into believers and non-believers in climate-change, with some holding their opinion until clear signs emerge, the people in the villages - the farmers - have their own stories to tell. In their own experiences, people are sensing a change in the weather - that rain falls differently now, and seasons (read temperatures) seem to be arriving and departing differently. They may not term it as "climate change", but they are experiencing a variability, an unpredictability which their knowledge-systems have not yet identified or adapted to, leaving them vulnerable.

"Does it ever rain at this time?!" is a poignant, short film that captures the story of the after-effects of unexpected and unusually heavy rain that devastated crops in Akola region of Ahmednagar district in Maharashtra. It shows the devastating, downward spiral which the farmers got sucked into, due to a series of unexpected monsoon events in 2010 that till date they are recovering from.