Development and disaster - the thin line that divides the two
Industrial pollution in villages, access to water data and seasonal pricing of water hog the limelight in this week's roundup
20 May 2013

Water data at your fingertips

Finally a policy that allows data collected using public money to be made available and shared by the rightful owners - the common man. The Ministry of Water Resources releases its hydro – meteorological data dissemination policy (2013) in a bid to be more accessible, proactive and open in its approach.

PM’s office contradicts Supreme Court ruling; rights of tribals compromised

The Supreme Court recently ruled that mining in particular forest areas could only be done if the tribals living there agreed. But the PM’s office has pressurized the Environment Ministry to ease these laws. Why? So there isn’t much of a delay in coal mining projects. Whose side is the government on?

Seasonal water prices – is that the answer to short supply of water?

We pay more for fruits and vegetables when there is a shortage or if something is off-season. We could do the same for water but will paying more bring about smarter usage?

A thin line divides development and disaster

See how this village close to a Hindustan Copper Limited project has been affected by the chemicals that contaminate and pollute water, and cause acute health problems. Development for some often translates into health issues for others.

Are the picture-perfect Andamans becoming hazy?

Its coasts are marked by burning garbage dumps; toxic smoke and layers of oil in the sea paint a poor picture in an otherwise serene locale that is the Andaman and Nicobar islands. Its pristine waters are littered with rotting objects, plastic bottles and numerous polythene bags. How much more can it take?

This is a roundup of important news from May 13 - 19, 2013. 

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