Details of volunteers seeking to work in flood-hit Bihar


I'm a communications professional, based out of Delhi. I wish to volunteer for on the field relief work in Bihar- be it manual, admin or anything as soon as possible. I can stay as long as required. Please advice. Thanks.




   1. Current location: Mumbai
   2. I am a personality developement trainer so and team building is very natural for me. Proffessionally i am in marketing and administration so can help there. Physically i am very active and strong so can go to the fileds / interiors to help people.
   3. I can and would like to work in field location in Biharo .
   4. I can volunteer for a minimum of 2 weeks and possibly longer.
   5. I am willing to do what is necessary.

I am ready to go as soon as possible. awainting your early reply




Jai mata di,

I am really willing to do any work that is available at the relief camp. I will be available for any time. Please let me know.My blood group is B+ Mukesh kumar Hissariya, 9835093446


   1. Delhi
   2. I can provide a wide variety of assistance. I have been an Environmental Consulting professional for the past 10years specializing in Groundwater and Soil Remediation System design installation and management. I have also worked construction from framing to electrical and plumbing. I have basic first aid skills.
   3. I can and would like to volunteer in Bihar.
   4. I can volunteer for a minimum of 2 weeks and possibly longer.
   5. I am willing to do what is necessary but would prefer to assist where my skills will serve best.

I am ready to go as soon as possible. I do have a tent and bedding minimal camping supplies and a vehicle(motorcycle) so I can transport myself.

Please advise.



I am a Computer engineer by profession. I am currently located in Pune, Maharashtra. I am willing to do field work as well as admin work. I am good at working with kids, but I am really willing to do any work that is available at the relief camp. I will be available for 15 days starting any time. Please let me know.


Manasi Rajeshirke

I would like to make a cash contribute to the flood relief effort in Bihar. Also happy to sponsor individual/s who are planning to volunteer in person.


Bhawna, Atul, Neil & Megan Kumar


I am a third year law student at the university of Oxford. I live in Lucknow and am looking for any sort of volunteer opportunity in Bihar preferably a field opportunity lasting two weeks in December.

With regards,



We are MBA students from Birla Instt of Technology, NOIDA.

We are a group of 23 students, we want to serve the flood victim in field. Can anybody pls give the most appropriate direction so that we can help them as much as possible.



I am working for an NGO in Ranchi, Jharkhand and would be available immediately to travel to Bihar to help in any way I can.

Rachel ,


I am interested in volunteering in Saharsa, Bihar. I am currently in England, but am planning to be in India soon. I am a professional English teacher, but would be willing to help in any capacity.

Paulette Baxter,


Please see the below request from a group of students from Pondicherry. Please leave a comment if your organisation could use their services: ==== A team of 47 MSW students from Pondicherry University would like to involve in voluntary services with the flood victims of Bihar.

Could you please guide us in this regard. Anbu,


Hi, I am a telecom exec based in Bombay. I would like to help in which ever way I can either here in Bombay or in Bihar.

Please suggest. Saras -


I am a professional and would like to contribute in the time of need to the bihar victims, nothing but my time and effort in helping them. I volunteer to be in Bihar amongst people to help them in any way I could. My current location is Delhi. I am a banking professional & I could be in the field however it would help me decide what exactly is the nature of work involved. I could volunteer for as long as two weeks.

Look forward to a response from people involved with the cause.

Regards/ Manoj,


India Water Portal's call

While the relief activity is going on and the next stage of return and rehabilitiation is being contemplated, attention will slowly die away. However many serious underlying issues will remain (as they have for decades) about the flood control strategy and response. The Water Portal would like to continue to maintain this site and follow the issues involved over a longer term. For this, we are looking for someone who can be actively following the happenings and following up on leads to important stories. We are looking for someone full-time or part-time who is based in Bihar or can spend time there. Field visits and reports, internet research  will be the kind of tasks involved. Based on the capacity of the person, some GIS related work, or fundraising work for the flood rehabilitiation may also be added. The position will be a paid, freelancing position for a few months.

Please add a note here, or send mail to with relevant details if you are interested.