Delight, India's first electronic public toilet in Thiruvanthapuram, Kerala

Warm Greetings from Eram Scientific Solutions!!!

, is the part of USD $1 Billion, Eram Group. Eram Scientific is based out of Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala and working for addressing the pressing needs of the society through the effective use of Technology. We are giving much emphasis to R&D and now developing solutions to prevent Food Adulteration, Ensuring Women Safety, and Using Non Conventional Energy. 

 Delight is the blend of Information Communication and Engineering Technologies.

Through this unique product, we have attempted to address the inherent challenges of public sanitation. In a perfect situation, a public toilet should have the capabilities to address waste management, effective water usage and sustainability as core challenges among various other issues. Delight is positioned as the perfect solution which addresses all these issues effectively; it is cost effective, appropriate and suitable for the geographic, demographic patterns of our country.

This toilet unit flushes even if the user does not care to wash the system after use, checks the water level and electricity availability from remote. Appropriate management techniques are employed to ensure optimum water usage per user. The System is capable enough to check its components in fixed intervals and to inform the control room on any errors. Sewage is connected to a Bio Membrane Reactor, which purifies the water and can be reused for flushing and platform cleaning.

High emphasis is given on ensuring cleanliness of the toilet units. A customer support division ensures that the toilet units are sterile, clean and error free at any given point of time.

To ensure sustainability of cleaning and maintenance, advertisement can be displayed in and outside the toilet units. If it is placed in a visible location, enough income can be generated to provide maintenance, and ensure cleanliness of the unit. An entrepreneur or Self Help Group can avail loans to set up the toilet as well, and repayment can be ensured by returns from coin collection and advertisement charges. Service personnel will be equipped with machines to clean the toilets and thereby making the process ‘Touch Free and Healthy’.

Delight and its installation will be effective in the Indian Urban Sanitation Infrastructure front. As the unit is sustainable, any intervention to this segment will long lasting. A number of Corporate have evinced interest towards installing Delight in relevant locations by utilising their CSR funds.

Delight is environment friendly, suitable to the nation and ensures employment and sustainability. We are indeed glad to inform you that we receive positive and encouraging responses from many govt departments and local bodies etc to set up the toilets. In the first two months of launch, we have set up 100 toilet units and are enjoying overwhelming public and media response.

We are working on a mission to have all Indian Cities with modern sterilised public sanitation system. To further improve our Urban Sanitation Infrastructure, such projects with huge social relevance are inevitable. This strong conviction provoked us to work in this highly neglected and risk prone segment.

Lack of proper public sanitation systems is one of the age-old curses that our times are passing through and that too, with millions of lives at stake. Official statistics suggest that 2.6 billion people do not have access to improved sanitation. National Sanitation Policy states India is losing billions a year for not having proper toilet facilities. A paradox is that India will be touching ten thousand crores of revenue from Tourism by 2012. As our country is progressing in many fronts, technology adoption in public sanitation is the need of the hour.

As part of our networking effort, "Delight" was showcased in the "I for Afrika" Exhibition & Event conducted from 28th to 30th April 2011 at Mumbai. This is an initiative by Indo-African Chamber of Commerce and Industries for strengthening business partnership with focus on sectors of high priority and acting as a facilitator for exchange of Business, cultural and tourism between India and Africa.

Delight and its installation will be effective in the Indian Urban Sanitation Infrastructure front. As the unit is sustainable, any intervention to this segment will be long lasting.

If your area of intervention is in need of a reliable solution in public sanitation front, please feel free to contact us anytime either via mail/ phone.

Please find attached the "Delight" brochure for your kind perusal.

Glory G Krishnan   
Junior Consultant- Convergence Business Group (CBG)
Eram Scientific Solutions (P) Ltd.
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