Delhi groundwater unfit for consumption - High nitrate content worsens water quality

High nitrate content in Delhi groundwater

Contamination from sewage waste, landfill run-offs, pesticides and open drains is the reason for high nitrate concentration in Delhi’s groundwater. Consuming this water can cause many health problems including the ‘blue baby syndrome’ in children. Adults aren’t impacted directly but the fact remains that toxic pesticides are present in most parts of Delhi’s groundwater .

Forest committee says ‘dam’ you to tribals affected by the Kalu project 

The Forest Advisory Committee recently displayed a clear flip flop in its stance on the Kalu hydel project in Maharashtra. They denied clearance to this controversial dam last year for many reasons - its location in the eco-sensitive Western Ghats, lack of resettlement plans for those displaced and failure to provide technical report on wildlife status in the area – but have now granted permission despite none of these issues being resolved.

Is the government responsible for farmers suicides ?

Farmers grow crops and provide our food but why are they are choosing to die themselves? 2,70,000 farmers committed suicide in the last 15 years because the state withdrew all kinds of support and subsidies available to them. This film tells their gruesome story.

Food Bill not passed yet by Parliament

The National Food Security Bill amendments have been introduced in the Parliament.These free up the states and union territories to take quicker decisions relating to various food-related issues. Not passing the bill now, amended or not, and delaying it to the monsoon session will possibly cause hundreds of children to go without food according to Amartya Sen.

Environmentally friendly entrepreneurs

Aviary eco-spa, earthen fridge, non-chemical detergent and eco-friendly birdhouses are some recent innovative eco-friendly solutions. People behind these green ideas have done their bit for the environment while showing off their entrepreneurial skills.

This is a roundup of important news from April 29 - May 5, 2013.