Conference call for Istanbul WWF

Forwarded to the Portal by: Binayak Das

As you know, we are only a few months away from the 5th World Water Forum, to be held March 16-22, 2009, in Istanbul, Turkey.

There has been much organizing already within Turkey and it is important for representatives from international
movements to join in the planning and support the work, as we did in Mexico in 2006. On November 8-9, there will be a meeting in Istanbul that will outline some of the key initiatives for our coming work.

I am writing to invite people to join an international conference call to discuss collective planning for Istanbul and to contribute ideas to be discussed at the Nov. 8-9 meeting. I am suggesting next Thursday, Oct. 23rd at 8am Mexico, 9am (Bolivia, Eastern North America), 3pm (in most of Europe, South Africa), 4pm in Istanbul, 9pm in Manila etc.

Last WWF we organized using a normal conference call system... this time I hope that many will be able to join
via skype...and that we can use a conference call system to plug others in who are not able to use skype.

If interest is great, due to technical limitations, we may need to have a series of calls so I apologize in advance if
we have to reschedule etc.

My skype is anil-blueplanet so please e-mail ( or skype me your coordinates if you are
interested in joining the call.

I regret that this call will be in English only, but notes will be circulated in Spanish as well as English and with
sufficient interest we can also schedule a Spanish call, as was done for the Mexico organizing.

Mexico was an amazing moment for the water justice movement. We continue to grow stronger and now also welcome
the Africa Water Network and the new European Water Network.

I look forward to seeing what we can do together in the coming months.

In solidarity,





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