A comparison of PureIt and Swach water purifier brands - Guest post by Mrinalini Goswami

Guest post by: Mrinalini Goswami

Both the purifiers already have identified their space in the niche of household water treatment establishing themselves as competitive technologies. Brief highlights of both the purifiers are compiled in the table below:   


Key features




PureIt Compact

PureIt classic

PureIt Autofill


Swach Smart

Swach Magic

Availability of different ranges and variety

Three different varieties are available in the range Rs. 1000 to  Rs. 3200

Three different varieties are available in the range  Rs. 499 to  Rs. 1498


It is a 4 stage purification technology comprises of microfiber mesh for dirt, compact carbon trap for parasite & pesticide, germkill processor for bacteria & virus removal and a polisher for making the water tasty and odourless.

TATA Swach® TSRF technology is based on nanotechnology efficient for removal of bacteria and viruses. Built around a bulb-like water purifier made of natural elements like rice husk ash impregnated with nano-silver particles,


Rs. 1000

Rs. 2000

Rs. 3200

Rs. 1498 (including extra bulb)

Rs. 1213 (including extra bulb)

 Rs. 499

Refill / operational cost

Rs. 280/ 1000 litres

Rs. 550/ 2250 litres

Rs. 550/ 2250 litres

 Rs.299 / 3000 litres

Capacity of the purifier

14 litres

23 litres


18 litres


Time taken for purification

9litres/1-5 hours


Purification life of the bulb/germkill kit

1000 litres

2250 litres/1500 litres


3000 litres

End of life indicator



Auto shut off when unsafe to use



Running water

Not required

Both with & without

Not required


Water wastage



Clear taste, removes odour

Yes, other than high saltiness

Yes, other than high saltiness

Gas/electricity/any additives/boiling

Not required

Not required


Plumbing or expensive installation & maintenance required

Not required

Not required

 Removal of salt / TDS

Not done

Not done


CTFTRI, Mysore, IPHA, Kolkata, IPHE, NEERI, SPDL, Glasgow, SHTM, University of London etc.

CTFTRI, Mysore, IADFAC, Bangalore, Microtech Services (Wessex) Ltd, UK, AES, UK, Vitens Laboratory, Netherlands etc


Note: The source of the information is web and most of the information is as claimed by the manufacturers in their respective websites.

Details can be found:

PureIT: http://www.pureitwater.com
Swatch: http://www.tataswach.com   

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