Climate change treaty : The deal of our life

Deepa Gupta calls for everyone to work together and make negotiators realise that they're not negotiating in a bubble when it comes to climate change

December this year in Copenhagen the countries of the world are going to sign a treaty that will change our life as we know it. Their commitments today will affect our quality of life tomorrow. Most people don't know that countries from all over the world have been debating and negotiating the global response to climate change for over a decade under the UNFCCC (United Nations Framework for Climate Change Convention) , and are still negotiating. There was an international treaty signed in 1997 called the Kyoto Protocol however in 2012 the first commitment period will end, hence the need for a new treaty to determine the pathway for the next 40 years.

International meetings that have happened every year and the major UNFCCC meetings this year are happening in Bonn, Bangkok and Copenhagen, along with the G8 meetings and UN General Assembly in New York. There are three Indian young people who have managed to get to Bonn for the UNFCCC meeting that will start on the 1st of June and will go for 12 days. Here the negotiations amongst all the countries will continue to work on what will be the biggest treaty to affect our lives. We want to make sure we communicate these negotiations back to the people of India and keep these channels open to you. If there is something you want us to do or communicate to the negotiators of the world please let us know. To make this as effective as possible however we need your help.

  1. Forward this message to your friends on your facebook, email, twitter (anything and everything!). Aim for at least 10 people.
  2. If you are a part of other networks, another organisation, contribute to newsletters at your college, corporation or local community, please keep them up to date and let us know what networks you're liaising with at
  3. If you have connections with the media (newspapers, magazines, radio, blogs, facebook groups etc) again please let us know and also forward the blog posts and calls to action to those media channels as well.
  4. Finally if you want to become involved in a greater capacity as grounds team coordinator in the lead up to Copenhagen email us at

The negotiators and governments of the world need to know who they're accountable to. They are accountable to us, the people who have to live on this planet. You can also follow us blogging about the negotiations at: If you want to get updates, create pressure and help us take action from Bonn now until Copenhagen please sign up to:

This is the deal that will decide the fate of our planet as we know it. And I'm not exaggerating. It is our future as young people that will be affected from this treaty. So let's work together and make the negotiators realise that they're not negotiating in a bubble. The world is watching them. Looking forward to your cooperation.

In Solidarity, Deepa & Leela (Negotiator trackers)



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