South Sikkim adapts to climate change

Climate change affects agriculture
Climate change affects agriculture

Climate change poses a threat to all. Be it forests, water or agriculture- it affects everything. India's Northeast, particularly, has witnessed a great deal of this impact. Sikkim, the physical bridge between the Northeast and mainland India, is also bearing the brunt of climate change in a myriad ways with agriculture and water bearing the most pronounced repercussions.

South Sikkim is the most drought-prone district in Sikkim. The Darjeeling hills render this area into a rainshadow area where rainfall is sparse and scarce. As such, the Rural Management and Development Department, Government of Sikkim along with its flagship programme MGNREGA, has taken various initiatives to preserve and develop the water resources of the State under its Dhara Vikas or Springshed Development Programme.

This video showcases these different measures.    

Post By: Usha Dewani