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CEPT University, Ahmedabad, India is a premier university offering degree programmes in Architecture, Planning, Interior, Design, Construction and Technology Management. Its Faculty of Planning has launched a major five-year research programme to develop and implement a performance assessment system for urban water and sanitation. The research will cover all the urban local governments in the States of Maharashtra and Gujarat.

Aim of the research programme is to monitor water and sanitation performance at local level and establish performance monitoring systems at state and local level. The research will also focus on use of the performance indicators and benchmarks at the state and local level for developing programmes and projects to reach the poor and unserved, as well as improving financial viability.

The research programme will involve detailed analysis of performance indicators, developing benchmarks, and documenting good practices. The programme includes various tasks related to preparing background studies, developing capacity building programmes for urban local governments, implementation and monitoring of information collection systems, analysis of qualitative and quantitative data, maintaining a web-based portal, preparation of reports and papers, and dissemination of project findings.

Intern and longer term associate positions are available for individuals with interest in the water and sanitation sector and/or urban local governance. Interested candidates should write to Prof. Meera Mehta or Prof Dinesh Mehta (pas@cept.ac.in) along with CV, a statement of interest and the duration of internship sought.

Faculty of Planning and Public Policy
CEPT University, Navarangpura
Phone: 91-79-26302740; Fax: 91-79-26302075




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