Catch Every Drop: The Water Warrior contest

Imagine there's no water
It isn't hard to do
Nothing to cook or clean with
And no flushing too!
Imagine all the people
Living life in vain

The fact is that Bangaloreans aren't doing enough (or anything at all!) to prepare for the dry spell we're soon going to have to suffer through. With the disputes over water from the Cauvery to the Indus river, we need to make our scarce water resources last through the long, dry summer.


Catch Every Drop

How can you save every drop?

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Post a picture on our Facebook wall or tweet it to @indiawater (using the hashtag #catcheverydrop) along with a description of the method, practice, or tip you are using to save water in your residence, school, or workplace - you'll help others save water as well.

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Catch Every Drop is being run by The Alternative in partnership with India Water Portal and with sponsorship from Arghyam.