Case studies on rainwater harvesting and artificial recharge – A compilation by Central Ground Water Board

Cover PageGroundwater caters to the demand of ever growing domestic, agricultural and industrial sector of the country and is being indiscriminately exploited by several users. On the other hand, rapid urbanization and land use changes has resulted in reduced natural infiltration or recharge of aquifers.

This has led to various problems related to quantity and quality and issues like the decline in water levels, depletion of groundwater resource and quality deterioration. There is thus an imperative need for augmenting the valuable groundwater resource. Artificial recharge and roof top rainwater harvesting is one such method that can revive this precious resource. Several traditional and scientifically proven artificial recharge and rainwater harvesting techniques have been adopted in different parts of the country. These structures have proven to be viable option for augmenting the groundwater aquifers by making use of surplus surface runoff.

A number of pilot schemes and demonstrative artificial recharge schemes have been implemented by the CGWB in association with various State Government organizations since the eighth plan period. These efforts have been instrumental in popularizing several cost-effective recharge techniques suitable for different hydrogeological conditions of the country.

The untiring efforts of the Government organizations, scientific community & NGO’s with people’s active participation have shown remarkable results in reducing the declining trends of the groundwater resources in select pockets of the country. An effort has been made to compile these success stories in the report. It throws light on the recharge techniques practiced traditionally in different regions of the country.

The report covers the following sections –

  • Groundwater development scenario of the country;
  • Need for artificial recharge;
  • Traditional practices of artificial recharge in different regions of the country such as johads, bandharas etc;
  • Planning of artificial recharge projects;
  • Artificial recharge techniques and design;
  • Success stories of artificial recharge in states.

This report would be of help to the water managers, NGO’s, local bodies all those who are concerned with recharging of the groundwater resources and monitoring its impact.

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Post By: Amita Bhaduri