Case presentation on what works in Rain Water Harvesting ( RWH)

Observing water harvesting from many different geographies, demographies and cultural setups, we have different approaches emerging to address the situation! The following are the cases presented by the speakers from their regions of work, who have come to understand and identify what works in RWH.

Jyoti Sharma shared her organisation's work in Urban Community Rain Water Harvesting indicating that Four Way Partnership holds the key. She shares the developments and successful implementations from Delhi region. Download the presentation from here(pdf, 500kb)


Jyoti Sharma, FORCE, New Delhi

Jaloday Yojna,  a national Program for Rain Water Harvesting by Prof. Uday Chipalkatty calls for a reversal in the way we approach development of water resources. He demonstrates that bottom to top is the way, it could work. Here is a quick comparision drawn by him between traditional method and the jaloday method. Download the presentation from here (pdf, 1.36 mb)

 Uday Slide1

And finally, the classical Integrated Water Resource Management based approach and a case study from Madhya Pradesh by Asad Umar of WaterAid.  For this one, download the presentation (pdf, 1.19 mb), as there is hardly a significant point that I could talk about right away!

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