The bugsy aerobic septic tank system by Biotech Services

Guest post from Anshuman Agarwal of Biotech Services.
(India Water Portal does not endorse the product mentioned)

The widespread solution for handling sewage is to use Septic Tanks (the age old formula of anaerobic treatment) to treat the sewage waste (both grey and black). But that too is not a total treatment concept as the treated water discharged is still foul smelling and full of harmful microorganisms and pathogens. If that water is discharged into the ground, as is common in such cases, it spoils the underground water. More so, as the mucous within the sewage, tends to choke the soak pit. The solution lies in using an aerobic system to treat the wastewater within the septic tank. Such a system has been designed by Biotech Services of Noida. It includes an aeration pump (operating from 40 to 100 Watts , depending upon the quantity to be treated), a plastic media for attached growth and a developed and strengthened blend of micro organisms that biodegrade most wastes.

An addendum to the equipment can also be a small Ultra Violet dosing system.

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