A brief note on bio-sand water filters - An adaptation of the traditional slow sand filter

Pragathi was founded in 1987, it is a non-government, non-profit and non-religious organization that works for the welfare and development of the tribal and marginalized sections of society, particularly targeting women and children. Pragathi is working in Mysore and Chamarajngar District, covering more than 100 tribal villages with approximately 9600 families.

Currently we are working on the 'Bio Sand Water Filter' project, the technical support has been provided by CAWST Canada, who have trained members of staff from our organization on health, sanitation and safe drinking water, also the construction of the 'Bio Sand Water Filters'.

A biosand filter (BSF) is an adaptation of the traditional slow sand filter, which has been used for community drinking water treatment for 200 years.

Bio-sand filter

A bio-sand water filter

To know more about the BSF download the attached PDF